Grove Breakfast Bar

Grove Adventure Playground will be introducing a free breakfast bar for any children who want some fresh or healthy food each morning for the rest of the summer of 2018. The fact that this has been put together so quickly has been due to the support of the Grove Adventure Playground Management Group and particularly the generosity of the many and varied small businesses that operate locally to Gordon Grove. The inspiration for the project to ask the local business community to help provide free food for the children came from the difficulties we experienced trying to negotiate an ongoing free food offer (of recycled food products) from the main supermarket chains located nearby in Loughborou

The Intrepid Journey of Grove Adventure Playground

Grove Adventure Playground - Gordon Grove Site 2018 One of the most rewarding things about getting involved with the work at Grove Adventure Playground has been the connection I have been able to make with many members of the community in Loughborough Junction, including some of the “kids” that used to play on the adventure playground at Gordon Grove many years ago who have now grown up and have proper haircuts. I was keen to do some more research on the place and despite getting a lot of information, some questions remained, including how the adventure playground ended up on its current site, squeezed between a scrap yard and the Marcus Lipton Youth Club. During the re-commissioning works,

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