Squirrel Aid

On a recent day at Grove, we received a couple of young visitors who wanted to come along in order to play. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say, except these youngsters came along with an attitude and refused to sign in. Oi, what you looking at? They got in the most awkward spots and sat around eating most of the time. Hey, I like plastic guttering, gutta problem? (geddit) However because they were not doing any real harm, me and Micky let them hang around and help just a little bit with our work. Two handsome young devils? They even brought their own power tools. Bloody good drill this! After a while they got bored, had a bit of a strop, wondered aimlessly in and out of the building and

To Play or not to Play

Recently during the October 2018 half term, as Grove Adventure Playground began to get record numbers of children coming through the doors for free, safe, supervised, external adventure play, someone thought it might be an interesting idea to take a snapshot and record of the usage of the local play facilities available to the children of Loughborough Junction in the immediate area of the playground. So on Thursday 25th October 2018, a series of photographs of the freely accessible play equipment located in Elam Gardens, Wyck Gardens and Grove Adventure Playground were taken to show the actual usage of the play equipment by children on that day. The results were really quite interesting. Ela

Sign o' the Times

Having asked Lambeth Council and all of the local councillor candidates during the recent ward bye-election to support the installation of a basic lamp-post mounted sign to advertise the whereabouts of Grove Adventure Playground to the local community and those passing by, we were amazed to notice recently that someone had made use of the abandoned and bleached out old Gordon Grove street sign by the Lilford Road junction, which had recently been replaced by a new street sign on the opposite side of the road. Pointing the way to a great adventure playground We are grateful for any such help in advertising our amazing adventure playground and keeping the community informed.

Grove Gala Benefit

On 21st October, Grove Adventure Playground royally entertained a sell out crowd with a variety of live and unique performance during the Grove Gala Benefit event set up to celebrate the re-opening of the playground and to give thanks to the community and volunteers who have joined in the effort to make the playground a success. The playground equipment was dramatically lit for the event Weeks of meticulous planning had been put into organising the event and every effort was made to ensure that the guests, volunteers and community members that came through our doors were given the best we could possibly offer. We were sold out and this was to be an evening to showcase Grove Adventure Playgro

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