To Play or not to Play

Recently during the October 2018 half term, as Grove Adventure Playground began to get record numbers of children coming through the doors for free, safe, supervised, external adventure play, someone thought it might be an interesting idea to take a snapshot and record of the usage of the local play facilities available to the children of Loughborough Junction in the immediate area of the playground.

So on Thursday 25th October 2018, a series of photographs of the freely accessible play equipment located in Elam Gardens, Wyck Gardens and Grove Adventure Playground were taken to show the actual usage of the play equipment by children on that day.

The results were really quite interesting.

Elam Gardens Wyck Gardens Grove APG

10.33 - 10.39am

No Children No Children 8 Children

12.02 - 12.11pm

No Children 1 Child 23 Children

1.36 - 1.44pm

No Children 2 Dogs + 1 Owner 41 Children

3.06 - 3.15pm

No Children 1 Child + Parent 44 Children

4.03 - 4.29pm

No Children 1 Child 42 Children


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