Squirrel Aid

On a recent day at Grove, we received a couple of young visitors who wanted to come along in order to play.

Nothing unusual in that I hear you say, except these youngsters came along with an attitude and refused to sign in.

Oi, what you looking at?

They got in the most awkward spots and sat around eating most of the time.

Hey, I like plastic guttering, gutta problem? (geddit)

However because they were not doing any real harm, me and Micky let them hang around and help just a little bit with our work.

Two handsome young devils?

They even brought their own power tools.

Bloody good drill this!

After a while they got bored, had a bit of a strop, wondered aimlessly in and out of the building and then left as soon as they had arrived and lived happily ever after, (well that's the story that we want to believe).


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