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Keeping Active and Healthy whilst on Lockdown!

Being in Lockdown can have serious consequences on our health if we are not careful. Personally; I have put on a huge amount of weight in the past few weeks... Not doing my normal routines and tasks at Grove being on my feet and helping Nick out with physical jobs! To avoid this, I am working to increase the amount of running I do. Hopefully this will help me and inspire others. I will be putting together some tips and ideas on this soon, watch this space.

Help is also coming from our inspirational Playworker Jo, who is putting some great physical challenges on our social media accounts.... instagram@grove_apg & twitter@groveadventure

Jo is working on having a big impact, while you wait for his next challenge make sure you check out another famous Joe, Mr Wicks and his brilliant sessions (if you haven't already!) at ....


And if you want to take the first steps towards running check out....


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