Usage and Operation Statement 
June - November 2018

Lambeth Council are due to update the Loughborough Junction Masterplan and publish the latest Local Plan during the early part of 2019, which will inevitably have a major bearing on the future of Grove Adventure Playground.

A major concern we have is that due to the timing of the publication of these new policy documents it is unlikely that Lambeth will acknowledge or confirm the importance of the retention of the adventure playground in its current location on Gordon Grove along with the immediate and positive impact that the re-opening of the playground in June 2018 has had within the community of Loughborough Junction.

The evidence we have gathered is presented in the attached Usage and Operation Statement, June - November 2018 (link below) which has also been shared with Lambeth Council.



As the playground enters its 50th anniversary and prepares to re-open after a short Winter break, our expectations are that registrations and usage will continue to grow and we hope to extend our children's services to the community as much as possible and will ensure that free access to supervised, secure adventure play remains for the families and children in one of the most deprived areas in the country. 


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